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About Dholera

Dholera Smart City Project

Dholera, One of the most ambitious infrastructure development project, Dholera SIR aims to become global Smart City of India. The objective of the Dholera SIR is to urbanize Dholera by incorporating high-tech amenities, contemporary architecture, and making it the top choice for international corporations and enterprises in India. In the present day, Dholera SIR is India's top real estate investment destination. Dholera has best amenities for luxurious living and top-notch infrastructure to improve people's quality of life.

Approximately 100 kilometers southwest of Ahmedabad lies the proposed greenfield industrial city known as the Dholera Special Investment Region. As Dholera is the home state of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is an intelligent, networked metropolis that embodies India's future. Dholera Smart City will be fully developed over the course of the next two decades, Dholera is covering an area of about 920 square kilometers, of which land is available for allocation within the development's 22 square kilometers. It is ideally situated between the industrial hubs of Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara.
By 2019, Dholera SIR 5,600-acre Smart City development area is anticipated to be ready. It is supposed to be an outstanding fall back with luxurious amenities. Along with this it would be having a self-sustaining ecosystem of its own, industry will be the main economic engine.

DHOLERA SIR : Fastest developing Smart City Project


Dholera Smart city will make it possible for manufacturing facilities to be established. While also seeking to create an environment to Work.Live.Learn and Play. Dholera will be a role model for future cities in India. Dholera SIR, the Special Investment Region is a planned to be the world classs smart city in Gujarat, India. Dholera is developing with a vision to grow as a global manufacturing and trading hub.

Dholera SIR, Special Investment Regions will back the country's economic growth engine with its excellent infrastructures. In upcoming five years the Dholera Smart City is aiming to be the triple industrial output, quadruple exports from the region, and making a scope of double employment potential and opportunities for India.

Advantages of investment in Dholera SIR
  1. Price appreciation: the development of Dholera will be ongoing till 2040 so the scope of appreciation is very high.
  2. Rental Income: Due to high job creation, there will be a major demand for a residential property so the plot owner will able to get good rent.
  3. Job/Business Opportunities: There will be multiple opportunities for job/business seekers in upcoming largest smart city of India so you can have job/business at Dholera.
  4. High Quality of Life: Dholera smart city has the unique concept of live-work-play so the of life would be on comparable.
  5. Major USP of Dholera Smart City: The dawn of a new city with Excellent Connectivity is here Let’s usher in a new era of.
Dholera area-920 Sq. km., divided in 6 Town Planning, Consisting of 22 villages of Taluka-Dholera, District Ahmedabad are listed below:
1. Ambali
2. Kadipur
3. Bhadiyad
4. Gogla
5. Gorasu
6. Cher
7. Otariya
8. Dholera
9. Khun
10. Bhimtalav
11. Rahtalav
12. Mundi
13. Sandhida
14. Panchi
15. Mahadevpur
16. Bhangadh
17. Zankhi
18. Mingalpur
19. Bavaliyari
20. Sodhi
21. Sangasar
22. Hebatpur
World’s renowned companies doing work for Dholera
  • Master Plan – Hal crow (UK)
  • Project management Company – AECOM (USA)
  • Information and Communication Technology – Wipro, IBM & CISCO
  • Town Planning Development, Sewage Treatment Plant,
  • Common Effluent Treatment Plant – Larsen & Turbo ltd.
  • ABCD Building – Cube Construction Engineering Ltd. Water Treatment Plant - SPML
Landmark Development
  • World Class Infrastrcuture & Connectivity (ICT Enabled)
  • Central spine express way (250 Meter Ahmedabad to Dholera) and metro rail to link the with Megacities.
  • Dholera International (Cargo Cum Passenger) Airport-1426 hactors of land selected at Village Navagam Tal. Dholera, Dis. Ahmedabad for the Airport. Airports Authority of India (AAI) has prepared the Feasibility Report. All necessary permission has already obtained by PWC (price waterhouse coopers)
  • Connectivity: Sea, Air, Rail & 250 Meter Express Highway

Dholera SIR Investment Benefits

Residential Projects Benefits:
  • Cinema Hall, Retail Mall, Petrol/CNG/LPG Pump, Bank, Hospital
  • Neighbourhood Reatial / Service Shop, Restaurant / Cafe, Hawker Zone, Designated
  • Vegetable Market / bazaar, Commercial Center, Primary and Secondary School
  • Multi-storey apartment and clusters thereof; Row-house, Villa/Bunglow; Multi purpose ground smaller than 5 ha;
  • Maternity Home, Nursing Home, Kindergarden, Day-care, Dispensary, Vaternity Clinic, Health
City Center Zone Benefits:
  • Super Shopping Mall & Retail Stores
  • Commercial Offices & Building / Complex
  • 5 Star / 4 Star Hotels
  • Multiplex Theater / Cinema Hall Auditorium
  • Super Specialty Hospitals
  • Restaurant – Café / Food Street
  • Large Departmental Stores
  • Convention and Exhibition Center
  • Multi – Model passenger Transport hub
  • Petrol Pump, Bank & Financial Institutions
Knowledge & IT park Zone Benefits:
  • Business IT Park / Education Park
  • University & Hostel Campus
  • School / college / medical college
  • Diagnostic / Radiology Center
  • 5 Star & 4 Star Hotel
  • Multiplex Cinema Hall
  • Super Shopping Mall / All Retail Store / Café / Restaurant
  • Technical Institute for Research & Development
  • Recreational / Gym / Health Club
Allowed Industries In Dholera SIR:
  • Aviation & Defense
  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul)
  • Automobile & Auto Ancillary
  • Heavy Engineering
  • IT Sector
  • Gems & Jewellery
  • Financial & Banking Sector
  • Pharma & Bio-Tech
  • Agro/Food Processing
  • SOLAR Park

Dholera Smart City Development Tender

Dholera SIR Under Progress:
  • Power Transmission & Sub Stations – 86 Crores
  • Roads & Services – 1734 Crores
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) – 54 Crores
  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP) – 90 Crores
  • Adhiya River Bunding – 15 Crores
  • Administrative and Business Center for Dholera(ABCD) – 73 Crores
  • Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CEPT) – 160 Crores
  • Pipli – Dholera Water Supply Pipeline – 29 Crores
Upcoming Project in Dholera SIR:
  • City Integrated Operation Center (CIOC) – 120 Crores
  • ICT – 400 Crores
  • Sukhbhadar River Bunding – 400 Crores
  • 5000 MW Solar Park – 250000 Crores
Connectivity Project:
  • Ahmedabad – Dholera Expressway NH-75 1 (by NHAI) – 5000 Crores
  • Ahmedabad – Dholera MRTS – 7000 Crores
  • Bhimnath Dholera Rail Line – 300 Crores
  • Dholera Internation Airport – 2000 Crores
Dholera Smart City Planning:
  • Total area – 920 Sq. Km.
  • Development Area – 422 Sq. Km.
  • Total Industrial Area – 114 Sq. Km
  • Total Residential & Commercial Area – 124 Sq. Km
  • Open Green Space – 50 Sq. Km.
  • Recreational Area – 45 Sq. Km.
  • Initial Activation Area – 22.5 Sq. Km.

ABCD Building at Dholera Smart City

ABCD Building (Administrative and Business Centre of Dholera), which is smart city’s HUB. ABCD Building Monitoring Governance, Healthcare, Safety and Security, Education, Transportation, Industrial Growth, Utilities and Economy. Construction of this building done by Cube Construction Engineering Ltd.
DSIRDA Office:
  • Town Planning Office & Auditorium
  • City Mayor Office & SPV Offices
  • Control Rooms & Command Control Centre
  • Business and Exhibition Centre

Dholera Important Investment Guidelines

INVESTMENT GUIDLINES : “Dholera Special Investment Region (Dholera) as “Global manufacturing and Trading hub” i.e. “The engine for economic resurgence of the country” which is supported by world class infrastructure.” Project goals are to double the employment potential, triple industrial output and quadruple exports from the region in next five years: Sri Narendra Modi
Dholera Special Investment Region (Dholera) is the proposed grass root Smart City of India on Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor(DMIC) route, Near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A Global HUB of Manufacturing and Trading, Economic Activity and Center of Excellence Supported by world class infrasturcture, Superb Civic amenities and a pro-active policy framework by the government.

Dholera Current Status: An Overview!

Even As The First Smart Metropolis Of India Is Plenty In Speak, Allow Us To Check Dholera Contemporary Repute And The Brand New Improvement Within The Vicinity
Some Months In The Past The Significant Government Had Sanctioned Rs. Three,000 Crores(Appx) For The Dholera TrunkDholera current status Dholera Modern Statusinfrastructure Project Which Is Being Constructed At The 22.5 Rectangular Kilometer Activation Region. With The Finishing Touch Of Pre-Feasibility Study, Prison Framework Enacted In Form Of Act And Of Completion Of Grasp Making Plans For Dholera Dividing It Into Six City Making Plans Scheme, Dholera Cutting-Edge Popularity Is Beaming At Complete Pace.
Except This, A Totally Giant Improvement Has Been Introduced To Dholera. It’s Miles The Approval From Air Authority Of India For Construction Of An Global Airport Approximately 20 Kilometers From Dholera. 1,700 Acres Of Land Has Also Been Allocated By Way Of The Government For The Adjacent Airport.
The Area Shall Also See More Advantageous Connectivity Through A Six Lane Dual Carriageway, Metro Rail, Extended Railway Network And Port And Air Community. Every Other Factor That Forms An Integral Replace In Dholera Modern-Day Repute Is The Assignment Being Deliberate And Carried Out Via Technological Giants Ibm And Cisco Which Shall Upload On Huge Energy To The Infrastructure Development In The City.
The First Phase Of The Venture Is Expected To Be Completed In A Decade’s Time While The Entire Town Shall Be In Readiness By Means Of 2040.

Dholera SIR International Airport

Dholera international airport shall be constructed 20 kilometers from the dholera and eighty kilometers from ahmedabad. 1700 hectares of land has been set apart by way of the usage of the authority for development of the big dholera airport. It’s miles going to be one of the most vital airports within the worldwide with world magnificence capabilities. The airport project is really one in all the largest infrastructure duties of the city.
The dholera airport shall additionally be termed as federa global airport as it shall be constructed close to federa in ahmedabad district. A game changer truly, the dholera airport undertaking shall seamlessly join the smart city to all crucial towns across the globe. This shall decorate the cities scope for becoming a global shopping for and promoting and production hub with the remote places consumers having smooth get right of entry to to the region.
A special motive automobile, dholera global airport business enterprise ltd (diacl) has been original to expand the dholera airport in an orderly manner. As in line with its brochure, it’s miles proposed to have runways
Measuring 4,000 meters and a couple of,900 meters in duration. That is going to be a big airport with a international class services and functions within the airport.
Dholera global airport is predicted to take over the heavy traffic from ahmedabad airport the subsequent 5 years and function an opportunity to the ahmedabad airport. The airport is also expected to make a better international hub than dubai and shall cut quick the distance among heathrow and singapore flight thru 322 kilometers. Therefore assisting passengers shop time.
It’s a ways being predicted that dholera airport will be instrumental in attracting large funding inflows into the clever metropolis paving manner for better and smarter development. Investors in the course of the globe are very keen to make investments within the locations nearby airport and are excited to do so as well. It’s far predicted the regions close by airport will expand fast as compared to one of a kind regions.
A excessive impact vicinity of one hundred fifty km distance on each aspect of the wdfc is diagnosed as ‘delhi mumbai industrial hall’ (dmic). Dmic is supposed to be the manufacturing hub serviced with international class infrastructure. Total 24 industrial nodes are identified across the dmic out of which 6 nodes as enumerated below falls in the kingdom of gujarat.
Sr.No. Description of Node Improvement Strategy
1 Dholera-Ahmedabad Investment Region To be Developed as part of DMIC section i
2 Vadodara-Anleshwar Business Vicinity To be Advanced as part of DMIC segment i
3 Palanpur-Mehsana Commercial Place To be Developed through state government coinciding with section i of DMIC
4 bharuch-dahej pcpir and investment vicinity to be evolved by way of country government coinciding with section i of dmic
5 surat-hazira, industrial location to be advanced as a part of dmic segment ii
6 valsad-umergaon business place to be developed as part of dmic section ii
Be aware:
Segment i = 2012-2022
Section ii = 2022-2032
Out of 6 nodes, 2 business areas i.E. Dholera unique funding area (Dholera) & gujarat petroleum, chemical & petrochemical special funding area (gpcpsir) have been notified by using the state government underneath the gujarat special investment region act-2009 and ‘improvement plan’ for each of them are already sanctioned via the state authorities. The implementation of ‘development plan’ would be undertaken through metropolis making plans mechanism as everyday the country of gujarat.
The imaginative and prescient for dmic is to create sturdy economic base with globally aggressive environment and country of the artwork infrastructure to activate neighborhood commerce, enhance foreign investments and achieve sustainable development.
Delhi-mumbai commercial hall is conceived as a model business hall of international requirements with emphasis on expanding the manufacturing and services base and increase dmic as the ‘worldwide manufacturing and buying and selling hub’.


Delhi – Mumbai industrial Corridor (DMIC) is India’s most ambitious infrastructure program, Aiming to develop new industrial cities as “Smart Cities” and converging next generation technologies across infrastructure sectors. DMIC will emerge as a “Global Manufacturing and Trading Hub” over the next few years.
Dholera will be the Largest Node On The DMIC and will most likely be the first smart city under the Delhi Mumbai industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC). It will have state-of-the-art utility & logistic infrastructure, social infrastructure including education, healthcare, other public amenities and much more.

DMIC Project Goals

  • double the employment ability in five years (14.87% cagr)
  • triple industrial output in 5 years (24.57% cagr)
  • quadruple exports from the location in 5 years (31.95% cagr)

DMIC in Gujarat: Dholera

Out of the total twenty four industrial nodes planned along the DMIC, six nodes (two investment regions and four industrial areas) have been proposed for the State of Gujarat.
Dholera is the first such node, taken up for developement by the Government of Gujarat.
Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)
  • 62% of the full vicinity of gujarat included
  • 23 out of 33 districts in the influence location
  • major cities on dmic: ahmedabad, vadodara, surat
  • 1/third of total funding may be in gujarat
  • estimated employment: eight lacs
  • gujarat’s ports to cater to overseas & hinterland markets
  • international magnificence connectivity among the ports, nodes & dfc
  • six logistics parks being developed along the dfc

GIDB: Nodal Employer for DMIC Project

GIDB is asserted as nodal company for the tasks falling below delhi mumbai commercial hall for the state of gujarat through dmicdc. The nodal organisation is functioning as coordinating body. Dmic cell has been set up at gidb for the equal. Gidb as nodal organisation undertakes various research with respect to techno economic feasibility of the initiatives, environmental and social evaluation, vulnerability and danger assessment etc.
Dholera Development
  • Total Area: 920 Sq. km
  • Developable Area: 567.39 Sq. Km
  • High Access Corridor: City Center, Industrial, Logistic, Knowledge & IT, Recreation & Sports, Entertainment
  • World-class infrastructure & connectivity: within
  • Central spine express way & Metro Rail to link the with mega cities
  • Airport & Sea Port in the vicinity
  • Proximity to mega cities: Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Vadodara
  • Benefit of sea coast, nature park, golf course
  • Premium civic amenities
  • Capable to cater to both International & Domestic Market
  • Close to Guajrat International Finance TechCity (GIFT)
  • Close to Petro-chemicals and Petroleum Inv. Region (PCPIR)
  • Logistic support of the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DMIC)
  • Benefits of the high impact Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)
  • Public investment in core infrastructure
Salient Features of Dholera
Global Centre Of Economic Activities.
  • Empowered mechanism for administration
  • Autonomy in operaions
  • Flexibility in decisions
  • Freedom in planning
  • Commitment to adopt best practices
  • Full potential for private sector participation
  • Fully developed environment & framework for PPP
  • PSP modes : BOT, BOOT etc already operational

Dholera Solar Power Plant

Gujarat is one of the most potential areas in terms of its huge solar generation capacity. It is once again set in motion with the implementation of probably the world’s largest solar plant.
Around 80km from Ahmedabad, Gujarat aims to establish India’s largest 5,000MV solar park in Dholera [Special Investment Region].The State Government has given its acceptanceto the most promising project which will be located on 11,000 hectares of land along the Gulf of Khambhat in the Dholera. The land used for this solar plant will be of CRZ type 1[B], suitable for renewable energy generation. So, there will be no need for purchasing special land.
With an investment of 25,000 crore, this solar park will create employment opportunities for over 20,000 people. The companies that will implement the project include Gujrat Power Corporation limited[GPCL], Gujrat Urja Nigam Limited[GUNL] and Gujrat Electric Transmission Corporation[GETCO] along with the Solar Energy Corporation of India[SECI] and the Central Transmission Unit[CTU].
Solar Power in Dholera Smart City
The Dholera Solar Plant has several obstructions coming its way related to saltiness condition, strong acid nature of air, regular and neat cleaning of solar panels and more speculation in foundation work which will also add on to the cost. Still the advantages are much more than the disadvantages.
Solar power plants require huge land and a barren land is available with the government in Dholera. The transmission cost will be minimized as Dholera Solar Power Plant will have generation and load in the same area. This project shall attract a number of construction units that will create a large number of job openings in Dholera and its surrounding areas. A large number of firms involved in heavy engineering and manufacturing of solar plants have shown great interest to establish their units in Dholera ever since the announcement for setting up Dholera Power Plant has been authenticated.
To conclude, the ultimate target of Dholera Solar Power Plant is to give the residents a place worth to live. It also wants to protect the environment, take care of natural resources, lower harmful discharge, utilization of resources to the maximum so that the residents can have a safe and healthy life.

Dholera Six Lane Expressway

A six lane dual carriageway highway shall be built with provisions to extend it up to 10 lanes in Gujarat Dholera Metro city. Initially, it shall be built in a 4 lane format with two lanes on each side and shall be further extended in due time. This project had been proposed in the master plan of the Delhi Mumbai
Industrial Corridor and approved by the central government and shall incur an estimated project cost of Rs. 900.39 crores.
Dholera is divided into six town planning schemes and shall be built in three different phases based on the economic activities that shall occur in each phase of development. The last of all phase is expected to get completed by 2040. By such time, Dholera Smart City shall be home to 2 million people. These people shall be supported by over 8 lakh employment opportunities that shall be generated from the industrial and manufacturing units that shall be developed in the city. As per sources, Dholera is being envisaged as a global trading and manufacturing hub.
India's 100 Smart Cities Toward Progress, Dholera Leads the Path
Expected IRR of the project
Economic IRR 31.60%
Project IRR 12.00%
Equity IRR 12.32%

High Speed Metro And Rail in Dholera

A proposal to developing a high speed metro rail that shall pass through Ahmedabad-Dholera-Gandhinagar was submitted under the DMIC master plan and approved by the central government. The project intends to augment the regional connectivity with Gujarat Dholera Smart City and develop a high speed urban transport system that shall links Gujarat to the international airport, urban centres, main railway stations and bus depos of Dholera. Linking up the metro with Dholera international airport shall play a vital role in the success of the airport.
The project shall be divided in two phases with phase 1 connecting Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar while phase 2 shall link Gandhinagar to Dholera Smart city via GIFT city. Spanning 100 kilometers in length, the first phase of the project shall be built over 61.55 kms while the second phase connecting Dholera shall cover the remaining 38.45 kilometers. The following shall be the route map for both phases.
Phase 1 APMC/Vasna- Akshardham (Gandhinagar) via Ashram Road-Motera-Koba Circle 32.65 Kms
Ahmedabad junction - Thaltej via Delhi Darwaja 10.9 Kms
Phase 2 Koba Circle - GIFT City - Gandhinagar 10 Kms
Koba Circle - Airport 8 Kms
The project shall be developed under complete authority of a special purpose vehicle(GoG owned). This vehicle shall undertake and complete crucial tasks such as acquiring land for development of metro corridor, metro stations and bus stations. It shall also be responsible for seamless shifting of the utilities in a phased manner. The special purpose vehicle has been formed with an initial paid up capital of Rupees 10 Crores and authorized capital of Rupees 200 Crores. The SPV shall also own responsibility of discussing the funding pattern for the project with both state and central government and finalizing it thereafter.
The smart city Dholerametro project is expected to be a carrier of 80,000 passengers per hour (40,000 in each direction) and 1.70 million commuters are expected to use by the year 2031.

All Major Industries Coming In Dholera

IT Industry
  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • IBM
  • Cognizant
  • HP
Food Processing
  • Nestle
  • Parle
  • Britannia
  • Cadbury
  • Rasana
Pharma Industry
  • Zydus Cadila Healthcare
  • Sun Pharmaceutical
  • Lupin Ltd
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
  • Cipla
Electronics Industry
  • Crompton Greaves
  • Surya Roshni Ltd.
  • Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)
  • Bosch India.
  • Sterlite Technologies.
  • Indamer
  • Air Works
  • Max Aerospace& Aviation ltd
  • HAL
Heavy Engineering
  • Tolerance Engineering
  • Sampat Heavy Engineering Limited
  • Deora Group
  • Nuberg Engineering Limited
  • Mecpro Heavy Engineering Limited
Defence Industry
  • Airforce
  • Navy
  • BrahMos Aerospace
  • Bharat Dynamics Limited
  • Tata Advanced Systems
  • Field Gun Factory, Kanpur
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Biotech Companies
  • Biocon
  • Serum Institute of India
  • Panacea Biotec Limited
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited
  • Wockhardt
Automobiles Industry
  • Tata Motors Ltd.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  • Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
  • Hero MotoCorp Ltd.
  • Ashok Leyland Ltd.
Auto & Ancillaries
  • Bosch
  • Exide Ind
  • Motherson Sumi
  • Jamna Auto
  • WABCO India

Dedicated Freight Corridor ( DFC ) Project Details

The government of India has proposed setting up of a Dedicated freight corridor (DFC) among Delhi and Mumbai. DFC may be excessive axel new railway connectivity with automatic manipulate and multi-modal linkages. out of the overall 1483 kms of the duration of dfc, 38% is falling in gujarat. the vicinity of one hundred fifty kms on both sides of the dfc may be evolved as the commercial hall.
This delhi-mumbai industrial corridor (DMIC) could be a excessive impact business hall on each facet of the dfc. nearly one third of the proposed investments of about 90 billion us dollars in dmic is predicted to take place in gujarat on my own.
As part of DMIC, 24 mega commercial nodes have been proposed between Delhi and Mumbai. out of them, 6 mega industrial nodes (four commercial areas and two investment areas) had been proposed for the country of Gujarat. identified business nodes have to be evolved as international production and business hubs. all kinds of infrastructure both within and out of doors the nodes additionally must be evolved with global requirements; government of Gujarat has no longer best given its full dedication for the DFC and DMIC tasks but has been actively running with the government of India at the equal.

Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)

  • DMIC: a high impact industrial area within 150 km distance on both side of the DFC
  • Area under Influence- 14% & Population- 17% of the Country
  • Total Population: 173.4 Million
  • Total Workers: 68.36 Million
  • Total 82 Districts of Six States within the Influence Area (excluding MP)
  • 25 industrial nodes have been proposed along the DMIC

Multi-Modal Dedicated Freight Corridor

The Government of India is setting up a multi-modal Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) between Delhi and Mumbai. Out of the total 1483 kms of the length of DFC, 38% is falling in Gujarat. The area of 150 kms on the both sides of the DFC will be developed as DMIC. It will be a high impact industrial corridor.

Unlimited Opportunities

DMIC is to be developed as a Global Manufacturing and Trading Hub of India supported by world class infrastructure and enabling policy framework, It will become “the engine for economic resurgence of the coutry”
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